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Ukrainian embroidery is one of the symbols of Ukrainian culture, which has always been popular all over the world. In our online store you can find embroidered blouses, dresses, shirts, embroidered hats and other various things with Ukrainian embroidery. Our products are suitable for women, men and children. For your convenience, you can find whole family sets! In addition to ready-made embroidery, you can find embroidery blanks of various sizes and shapes, which are made of high-quality materials. Thanks to this, you can easily start embroidery and get a good result without much effort.
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We use high-quality European equipment
We use high-quality European equipment
Our company is proud of the fact that we use only high-quality European equipment for the production of our embroidery. This allows us to guarantee hi...
Traditional and modern models
Traditional and modern models
Our store offers a wide range of embroidered clothes - from traditional ethnic embroidered clothes to modern options with embroidery in a modern style... In the catalog

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Ukrainian embroidery is one of the most famous traditions of Ukrainian culture. It is not just clothing or decoration, but a symbol of national self-awareness and identity. The history of embroidery in Ukraine dates back more than a thousand years and is associated with various cultural and ethnic influences. Thanks to this, embroidery has become an indispensable part of Ukrainian national culture and traditions.

Ukrainian embroidery can be diverse – it can be made on different materials, in different styles and with different use of colors. The most popular colors are red, black and white, as well as green, yellow and blue. These colors reflect different aspects of Ukrainian culture and history, such as earth, sky, sun, fire, blood and water.

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Ukrainian embroidery can have different ornaments symbolizing different aspects of Ukrainian culture. For example, the tree of life symbolizes fertility and fecundity, the ear of corn – wealth and prosperity, the coat of arms of Ukraine – statehood and independence, the bunch of grapes – generosity and joy. Each ornament has its own meaning, but they all reflect various aspects of Ukrainian culture and life. One of the most popular styles of Ukrainian embroidery is cross stitch. This style is known for its simplicity and